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Nature Created By Simplicity And Staidness

 Sculptor Lee Yeoungsup is known for a Nomad artist for his creation of modern artworks from Korean traditional art and his excavation work. He has held more than 180 exhibitions in the past, and the theme of his exhibition for 2013 is 'Sculptures with Painting". Sculptor Lee's artworks reveal the characteristics of each region of Korea as he visited places all over in Korea and sought for the traditional beauty of the country. Also, he takes special interest in Buddhist art and he sculpted the Pensive Bodhisattva of Neung-In High School in Daegu, and the stupas of Buddhist Priest Won-myung and Il-ta, and currently he is working on the sculpture of 'One-
Thousand Buddhas.' The motive of the theme ' Sculptures with Painting' was inspired by the rock cliff Buddha in Seosan. It is one of the representative artworks of Korean traditional beautywith its appearance as if it was drawn by the nature rather than artificially.!
There are many elements in Sculptor Lee's "Sculpture with Painting", the excavation work of Sculptor Lee. His excavation work enables the artwork to naturally express the texture of soil.
 His artworks absorb the Zeitlichkeit and historicity which is given by the texture of soil, and express many elements of the traditional beauty of Korea, such as sing and reciting of bards, spacing, satire, humor and the beauty of simple. This is what Sculptor Lee wants to tell through his artworks and what he wants to globalize to the world. "When we develop the pieces of our tradition and the beauty of our tradition in the modern way, we can say that we are inheriting the tradition and the art has roots in the tradition," stated Sculptor Lee. He also believes that we can appeal to the world when we create a sculpture through the motive of the traditional beauty.

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