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Person who has lived with Clay and Fire

Yeoungsup Lee’s terracottas, shown by his recent private exhibition are remarkable in many respects. Audiences of his work have been powerfully moved by expressive qualities of his original creations. What makes Yeoungsup Lee’s sculpture so unique?


  Most importantly, he devotes great passion to each and every piece. Yeoungsup Lee has sacrificed the pleasure of everyday life, preferring to channel his energy into breathing life into his works. As a result, he can express the exquisite human form realistically. 


  The majority of his terracottas are molded sitting with their legs or arms crossed, which are intended to symbolize relief from distress. It is similar to the buddha statue in its meditative quality, but more human in form and symbolism. His sculptures can be compared to those of Auguste Rodin. But his ideas are stronger than Rodin’s in terms of thought and meditation. His emotional expression toward sadness and solitude is similar to Jungue Gwon. While Jingue Gwon’s terracottas are more feminine in nature, those of Yeoungsup Lee possess stronger and rougher physical characteristics. 


  Yeoungsup Lee tries to change the space provided. But this method decreases the quality of each work. I would like to recommend one point ‘simplicity’. 

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